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The heart of Streamheroes are the collectible cards. Any Twitch streamer with affiliate or partner status can easily create an epic and personalized deck of 5 cards. It's even easier for viewers. They collect coins while watching a stream on Twitch or Streamheroes, with which they can craft the cards of their favorite streamer. Who will be the first to collect a Level 5 card? Who will secure first place on the leaderboard? Be there and discover the world of Streamheroes. Quests, new streams and above all epic cards are waiting for you! :) The best thing is: Streamheroes is completely free for both streamers and viewers! Just log in with your Twitch account and off you go!

How it works

Twitch Login at Streamheroes.GG
Watch stream Watch Streams and earn Points
Craft card Turn points into collectible Cards
Collection Fill up your Collector's Album
Competing Compete against others

Watch and collect cards from hundred of streamers

Collect cards from your favorite organisation

Our features

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Use it for free
Using Streamheroes, as well as collecting cards, which is at the heart of our world, is completely free.
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Setup and forget
After a once-off registration, you can watch streams on Twitch as usual on the device of your choice. You'll continue to collect cards.
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Unique profile & rankings
Weigh your accomplishments against other fans and find out who collected the first card, or who is the most active fan in your country.
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For every twitch streamer
Affiliates and partners can create Streamheroes cards. Viewers can collect them. Btw, did we mention that Streamheroes is completely free?
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Physical cards
Donations are boring. Support your favorite streamer by ordering your digital cards in hard copy. This enables you to hold your hard-won cards in your hot little hands and enables the streamer to receive a share of the purchase price. Win-win-win! Do you live at the North Pole? No problem! We ship all over the world.
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Signed cards
In future, you'll have the option of collecting signed digital and physical trading cards. We are currently working on a system that ensures validation of the cards, while being totally forgery-proof. Who knows, perhaps they'll be worth a fortune in a couple of years.
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Trade cards
Do you have two of the same cards and you want to trade with other fans? We have a marketplace for this exact reason, so you can trade cards. Just imagine what treasures await you!
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Category cards
In addition to unlocking cards from your streamer, you can also unlock category-specific cards, such as Just Chatting. Get ready for tons of crazy cards that complement your collection perfectly!

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